PLARMERS is a smart management system for agricultural infrastructure

SAAS solution, combining infrastructural and cloud technologies, which allows to track important microclimate indicators for further optimal resources use in agricutural sector.


PLARMER is a smart management system for agricultural infrastructure, which has two equally important parts: hardware and software.

Hardware is about sensors and switchboards, operated on LoraWan technologies, allowing to transmit the data between hubs and sensors over the long distances. No matter what size of your field is!

Our key product part is a cloud solution, where sensors are installed, tuned for further data transfer and notifications delivery in case of indicators getting out of the norm. Resulting in resources use optimization: heating, watering, fertilizing and labor cost. Works on both: open ground and greenhouses!

Plarmer - smart management system

The aim of PLARMER is increase of farms productivity via optimal resources consumption.


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    Online indicators tracking

    User-friendly interface allows to track data for a specific sensor as well as for the group of sensors

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    Notifications system

    E-mail, SMS or Push – choose any convenient for you. Data is renewed every 10 minutes!

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    With irrigation and other auxiliary systems

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    Resources saving and risks minimization

    Due to control of key parameters automating.

Our clients

  • Farms

    Small farms (up to 1 hectare)

    We will select the optimal solution for both greenhouses and land plots. In just a few days, we will carry out complex work on the integration and automation of your agribusiness

  • Large farms

    Large farms (more than 1 hectare)

    For large land plots, we will develop exclusive offer, draw up a map of the area and set up sensors, taking into account the division into certain zones and the characteristics of growing crops. Throughout the entire stage of system installation, you will be provided with qualified support and further consultations after implementation.

  • Citi-farms

    Citi-farms / Vertical farms

    We are well acquainted with the peculiarities of growing crops in urban areas and will be happy to help you with implemenation of t a 24/7 system for daily status monitoring of your plantings.

Plarmer Cloud

Plarmer Cloud is our cloud-based solution operating on LoraWAN, Chirpstack and Clickhouse technologies and allows you to monitor the performance of each sensor on each of your farms in real time, as well as receive failure notifications and analytics in dynamics.

  • LoraWan

    Provides communication with sensors where everything else fails.

  • ClickHouse

    Provides the ability to store huge arrays of data from sensors

  • ChirpStack

    Allows you to integrate data from sensors into the cloud

How it works

  1. Infrastructure Deployment

    The first step in the implementation of our solution is equipment installation in your area. We choose the optimal location for the base station, repeaters and sensors.

  2. Setting key monitoring parameters

    After the equipment installation, we set up parameteres for a specific type of agricultural crops, with the ability to set individual boundaries for each sensor on your farm.

  1. Monitoring and notification

    At the third step, together with the client, we choose the best ways to inform about violations of optimal performance and give access to a cloud service for managing and monitoring the entire infrastructure.

  2. Decision making

    With the completeness of data and notifications about exceeding the norm, you can quickly make decisions and respond to changes in the environment, as well as analyze the impact of indicators on productivity by accumulating an array of data on each meter and each of your territories.